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The Instrument

The Maker





Since 1996 Jeff Thomas has worked with the Abell Flute Company, which specializes in high end Boehm system wooden flutes and whistles made from African Blackwood and sterling silver. Working for Chris Abell taught Jeff how to be an instrument maker by giving him the opportunity and training to hone his skills. In his work Jeff became accustomed to paying close attention to detail while working within a standard of 1/1000 of an inch. Additionally, he learned the importance of aesthetics and was able to recognize that the artistic integrity of a quality instrument should be apparent down to its smallest details. As a concertina player concentrating on Irish Traditional Music since 1990, Jeff understands the value of a top notch instrument. Having thought through every element of the concertina considering each piece, that piece’s relationship to adjacent parts, and its relationship to the instrument as a whole, and giving the instrument much playing time, Jeff is confident that he has built an instrument that meets his own high standards of craftsmanship.

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